SIGHTMODE is a global OEM manufacturer  with over 10 years experience in the garment sector. We design, manufacture and supply certified ethical and sustainable quality fashion to retailers and wholesale.

We are using sustainable fibers from organic and fairtrade cotton to Tencel® and recycled Polyester under 100% fairtrade conditions. Our promise of being fair and sustainable.

We provide information about the fashion industry latest supply chain updates to promote best sustainable and ethical sourcing and buying practices.


 64% of consumers across the world

claim that they try to have a positive impact

on the environment on an everyday basis.

(Euromonitor 2015)


30% of the German consumers bought at least one sustainable apparel within the last 12 months.

(Slow Fashion Monitor 2016)


Our GOTS, FLO and SA8000 certified production will

increase your customer reach and engagement.



Design and supply high quality best selling sustainable and ethical fashion to retailers and wholesale while creating awareness through transparency of the fashion supply chain to tackle commitment for best practice in the fashion industry.


Increase design capabilities, consumers and buyers awareness and the demand of sustainable and ethical fashion towards zero carbon production.