European Clothing Action Plan – Circular Textiles Event

On 15th February 2019 the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) held a Circular Textiles – Ready to Market event in Amsterdam.  It was attended by over 120 participants across the textiles industry.

Participants from our 9 fibre to fibre trials presented their experience from the project, their learnings and their plans for the future.

“The future of circularity in textiles is incredibly important and needs everyone to be involved and play their part. Of course we need to make our business profitable but we also need to consider the impact we are having on the planet and it’s the responsibility of us all.”

ECAP is contributing to these goals and has made some great progress, learnings and results but there is much more work to be done in the transition towards a circular textiles economy.

ECAP: What is Circular Fashion and Textiles?
Source: ECAP