It’s Not All About Fashion

We are in Delhi. With Saurabh and Johanna we are visiting the nearby school. Johanna and Saurabh have asked the factory employees what they are missing in their lives and how they could be supported. The employees replied: “At the end of the month, the money is often too short to buy school books for our children”.

Saurabh and Johanna decided to help. Both are giving school books, pens and pencils with erasers to the local school where most of the children of Saurabh’s employees are going to. Johanna and Saurabh share the money.

School Books Project (3)

We are in the rickshaw to the school. The roads are so narrow that not even a car could pass through. Arriving at the school we pass by a small corridor. On the left a dark class room. Children of the second grade are sitting on the floor very close to each other. It is so dark, you hardly see the children.

We are climbing up the stairs to the roof of the school. For each child, the teachers and Saurabh’s staff have packed a colorful gift. 301 packages of books, pencils, pens and erasers.

At the roof of the school Saurabh is calling to start. Johanna and Saurabh explain to the children why they are getting the books. How important the school is and encourage the children to study and to be diligent.

Each child is coming to the front. Saurabh and Johanna are giving each child in each class from nursery to the 10th grade their individual present. Than the whole class, each child is holding up their books.

School Books Project (2)

We go to the next class. The children are looking at us with big eyes, serious eyes, curious, happy, shy, mischievous…. Each child is unique, worldwide. Every child has the right to education but it needs books, light in the classroom, a chair, water to drink ….

As we drive back, Johanna and Saurabh are already talking about their next plans to help the students and school. They have many ideas. “We will do it, step by step.” It sounds like a promise.

School Books Project (4)