Global Lifestyle Monitor UK: Seeking Sustainable Apparel

About 1 in 4 UK consumers actually seek out sustainable clothing for themselves.
The main sustainability concerns are animal and plant extinction, child labor, depletion of natural resources and the growth of our population.
If a product is not sustainable nearly 3 in 4 UK consumers would blame the industry for producing clothing in a non-sustainable manner.
Brands interested in touting their sustainable advancements may also want to tout their commitment to cotton, the fiber that is viewed by about 2 in 3 UK shoppers as being the most trustworthy, comfortable, reliable, and sustainable.



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The survey result from April 2016 was done by the Council International and Cotton Incorporated’s Global Lifestyle Monitor Survey, a biennial consumer research study. In the 2016 survey, approximately 10,000 consumers (i.e., 1,000 consumers in 10 countries) were surveyed.