Slow Fashion is Growing

30% of the German consumers bought at least one sustainable apparel within the last 12 months.

„Slow Fashion Monitor 2016“:  the market research institute Dr. Grieger & Cie questioned German consumers about their buying behaviour and brand awareness for sustainable fashion.

Almost two third of the 1019 interviewees emphasised on sustainably produced apparels. The environmental aspect accounted for 42.6%.

While sustainble production is valued as important the price was only important for 29.8% of the interviewees. 

The buying decision drivers are quality, price and the material. If a tshirt fulfills all sustainability and quality criterias customers in Baden-Württemberg would pay an average of 28.11 Euro.

Brand awareness accounts for only 15.8%. The most popular brands are Waschbär (25,3%), Grüne Erde (24,3%) and Hess Natur (21,9%).