Sustainable Fashion Searches On The Rise In 2018

The fashion search engine Lyst found a 47% increase in the number of searches made for sustainable fashion; terms included ‘organic cotton’ and ‘vegan leather.’ Lyst tracked over 100 million searches on their site to discover the biggest trends and brands over the past 12 months. They found several brands with a strong belief in sustainability were for the first time in the ‘most searched for’ list.

This rising trend in sustainable fashion has been helped along by celebrities and influencers like Meghan Markle. Lyst has reported if Markle wears a brand it receives on average 200% increase in search activity over the following week.

Search engines and social media show us an increasing amount of people are interested in sustainably sourced clothing and is fast becoming a trend to watch. With a massive 47% spike in search engine activity and eco-friendly brands making it to the Insta Brand list it is exciting to see what 2019 has in store for the fashion industry and how celebrities’ will continue to influence the scene.

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